A Reflection on Creativity & Toxicity


Creativity is placed on a pedestal as a quality of high importance, necessary for industries and individuals to thrive. But at what length are people willing to go in order to spark their creative juices? Many people use drugs or psychoactive substances to spark their creativity and heighten energy  in order to meet deadlines, come up with ‘genius ideas’ for their company or their life, expand their consciousness etc etc. People go to extraordinary lengths to extort and enrage creativity out of themselves. This might work on a short time basis but long term, is it really worth it? How does one sustain creativity, regardless of how it is sparked? What’s left of the individual once these ideas come to fruition, if they even do? Higher expectations of you to top your previous genius idea? An extra addiction to add to your life? Additional toxic ways of existence?

Creativity and toxicity do not go well together. And by toxicity, I mean toxic thoughts, feelings and substances. Ironically, a ‘toxic’ situation or substance may ignite creativity but creativity sparked in this way can burn out just as quickly as it was ignited. Creativity at its source is a pure quality which drives one towards constructive action, change and creation in one’s life. It happens in waves and motions, moving slow and sometimes faster than a blink of an eye. Creativity is simple to access on a consistent basis if you nourish it with pure thoughts, intentions and even something as simple as sleep and rest. This magnificent quality needs to be nourished with purity in the mind, body and spirit.

Nourishing creativity with purity…what does this even mean? It means cutting out the toxicity as much as possible. How do I know what is toxic in my life? Anything that is recycled in you on a consistent basis: thoughts, feelings, substances and negative patterns that lead you back to the same shitty place. In the real world it’s unrealistic and potentially impossible to walk around with the purity of the Virgin Mary or Mother Theresa- if you can do this, well done-you’re not human! I’m not suggesting that you even try this. I am suggesting adding purity to your life within your individual context. This takes honesty and a deeper reflection on your part. I can’t lie to you and say that in doing this, ‘you have nothing to lose’ because you might lose a lot …like illusions and delusions that you’ve had about yourself and your life. Your decisions and interactions with people and situations in your life will change. You will create a well of creative energy in yourself, accessible any time and for anything. On second thought, you really have nothing to lose

-Chelsey May is the founder of The Creativity Revolution.


  1. Leanda Klopper

    This is very profound.  I can definitely relate. Anything that a person has that gut feeling about being wrong in life must be worked out in order to make space for the pure stuff. 

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