Telling the truth convincingly means careful choices made  across communication disciplines. Here, with good reason, are our premier partners:



Layout artists of careful and nuanced social investment brand message implementation for the UTi Empowerment Trust, the national Field Band Foundation, Debswana, De Beers Consolidated Mines, Gold Fields and the University of the Witwatersrand, ArtGecko works alongside WHAM! in the holistic design of message and its delivery to honest-to-goodness credibility.




With global and especially cross-continental experience in tough locals conditions, Blueground & Associates has premier expertise in using short video to tell corporate social change messages in compelling and ethical ways to employees and audiences beyond.



In SA’s expanding and highly competitive tabloid market, this national daily is top dog in the readership segment of black middle class males (audited readership numbers fluctuating through an average week from 500 000 to 732 00 a day). This critical audience now receives WHAM! long-term trend research and insights through our regular op-ed column, “Face the facts”.




A spin-off of the Small Town’s Rejuvenation Project, Dignify works with WHAM! to reintroduce into social investment practice the understanding that change happens ground-up, and that only those corporate interventions that recognise this as core have any hope of success.




With expertise gained in World Bank and European Commission sustainability interventions over a decade, First Principles brings to SA the innovations of sharp-ended and tested global business approaches to social enterprises. This ally of WHAM! does this to allow the mobilisation of private sector funds in clever and solid ways that enjoy both developmental success and strong commercial investment returns.




South Africa’s cerebral radio station, attracting a massive 30 000 independently verified listeners in northern Johannesburg alone – discerning LSM 9 and 10 listeners dissatisfied with the vox pop of the mainstream – Radio Today hosts WHAM!’s “Changing Destiny” every Monday at 19:00 to 19:30, repeated Wednesdays at 18:00 to 18:30 on, streaming live on this website, and on DSTV Audio channel 169 from Dar es Salaam to Cape Town, with an audience footprint of 700 000.

Listen to Radio Today streaming live here:   Direct  |  iPad/iPhone



Fronted by Rebecca Hearfield, an internationally experienced and recognised best-in-class pictorial portrayer not just of CSI actions, but of the human element in each of these, RM Photography is unique in its quality of South African social change photography.




Sustain our Africa (SoA) is a multi-partner business sustainability platform that works to be a catalyst for change. By prompting awareness, showcasing inspirational stories and by offering  practical ideas, SoA aims to promote an abundant, resilient African economy that delivers “Enough. For All. Forever.” SoA is WHAM!’s partner of choice in private sector practices that make modern business sense while bringing long-term environmental rehabilitation and ecological victory.



Our country’s premier politico-socio-economic research institution, the SAIRR has, since 1929, been consistent in its fearless promotion of the colour-blind ideal as best for our country. It backs this up with an unrivalled and rigorous body of solid research that stands as South Africa’s homegrown Encyclopaedia Africana. WHAM! is grateful to the SAIRR for facilitating our use of its factual analysis of societal change to more fully inform change champions in our country.