The Creativity Revolution: Activating Creativity For Social Change

My name is Chelsey May and I am the founder of The Creativity Revolution. 

About Me

In a practical sense I combine my experience as an applied drama facilitator, writer, performer, human and stand up comedienne in order to activate Creativity. I have a BA in Dramatic Arts, an Honours Degree in Psychology, and a year of Reflective Practice in Applied Drama through Drama for Life. I have been a facilitator/trainer and an applied drama facilitator for 5 years. Through my personal and professional experience I have seen that creativity is a powerful tool for individual and group transformation. I have also noted how powerful creative tasks can be in activating a person’s true expression and potential. I have worked with inmates, high school students, care workers and orphaned and vulnerable children. In my own life, creative energy has helped me in truly difficult circumstances: it has helped me to dream, to conquer tasks or challenges, to surrender and to be. Wherever I go, I hope to share creative magic and in turn embrace and facilitate/guide the magic of other people’s creative energy.

About The Creativity Revolution

Creativity is “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations etc.”

The Creativity Revolution is an initiative that aims to activate the creative energy of people within different spaces through cutting edge applied drama & participatory based workshops. Before we can transform society, we need to internalise that we are society and that change begins within, surely society will follow. The initiative aims to provide the space for people to embrace inner transformation by activating and applying their creative energy to their lives and to the spaces where they co-exist with others.

“To live a Creative Life, we must lose our fear of being wrong” ~Joseph Chilton Pearce


To contribute towards the Social, Psychological and Emotional upliftment of South Africa.


To use applied drama-based workshops to set up an alternative Creative world in order to activate and enhance Creativity & Innovation. From a point of Creativity & Innovation, the following themes are explored, focused and reflected on in the workshop space:

  • Diversity
  • Sexuality
  • Self-Care
  • Critical thinking in Education
  • Team building


‘Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn’ ~Benjamin Franklin

The unique tool used to guide part of the workshops is Applied Drama. Applied drama is an umbrella term used to describe drama methodologies that are used for educational, therapeutic and/or developmental purposes (for individuals and within a community setting). The methods of applied drama and theatre include storytelling, role plays and many other games and participatory activities. Applied drama and theatre is process oriented and promotes learning, experiencing, reflecting and realising within the dramatic activity. The dramatic activity creates a space to explore different corners and curves of the consciousness, enabling fresh perspective or in some case simple affirmation. Applied drama encourages individuals and groups to explore and re-imagine the alternative (the alternative reaction, the alternative solution, the alternative interactions, the alternative behaviour, the alternative ways etc.). Applied drama based activities set up the alternative Creative world.


Please note: *ALL workshops are tailor made. *The introductory session of each workshop is where intentions are set. *ALL workshops consist of brainstorming and reflecting on how to practically apply what has been discovered in an alternative creative world. *Unless specified otherwise, ALL workshops can be applied in a variety of spaces such as schools, corporate, community centres and other formal/informal groups.

Inside-Out Diversity workshops

‘If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity’ ~John F. Kennedy

Diversity goes beyond race, gender and other external and/or cultural differences. Diversity is a collection of the colourful parts of ourselves, including the parts that are different to one another. Inside-out diversity workshops aim to encourage individuals to focus on, embrace and acknowledge their own differences apart from and alongside other people’s differences. By acknowledging the diversity in oneself, one is able to acknowledge the diversity in others resulting in improved interpersonal relations and communication in diverse spaces.

Critical Thinking in Education workshops

‘The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks’ ~Christopher Hitchens

Critical thinking involves asking questions and possessing the ability to question something within any subject. It is a vital ability that is lacking in schools & education in South Africa. This is evident when a student leaves high school and enters into tertiary studies or into the working world: because they have predominantly been taught to learn facts in order to ‘get by’, instead of critically engaging with subject matter. Teachers are also overwhelmed by their responsibilities and challenges. There is an alternative…

For Teachers… Critical Thinking workshops provide teachers with creative tools to use in the classroom in order to teach and enhance student’s critical thinking abilities. It is assumed that creative tasks and or further engaging in subject matter might ‘waste time’, however if a teacher is demonstrating critical thinking through a creative task/tool, students may gain a far more valuable gift than a single fact: the ability and openness to learn, negotiation skills, inter-personal skills as well as a solution-oriented mind frame.

For Students… Critical Thinking workshops provide a creative space for students to nourish, reflect on and further investigate subject matter learned during school time. The workshops provide the space to enhance their ‘critical thinking ability’ and further engage in subject matter in a meaningful way.

Self-Care Workshops

‘There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is enough to be taken care of by myself’ ~ Brian Andreas

Self-care workshops provide a creative, reflective and gentle space for people to engage with and reflect on how to nourish and take better care of themselves and their lives. The workshops further provide a space for appreciation, celebration and acknowledgement of individuals in a group.

Sexual (Real)ity Workshops

‘Sexuality is one of the ways that we become enlightened…because it leads us to self-knowledge’ ~Alice Walker

Sexuality is a complex phenomenon that goes beyond sexual orientation, gender norms and the physical act of sex. Sexuality is the full expression of a person, combining self-expression, sexual orientation, gender, how one thinks about sex and more. What complicates sexuality is the consistent influence of ones upbringing, media, friends, family, and religion.

Sexual(Real)ity workshops provide an explorative and reflective space for women to understand their sexuality in a holistic way separated from and connected to the external influences in their daily lives.

What If…? Teambuilding workshops

“When most people out there see a problem, they just complain about it instead of trying to resolve it because they never had to use their creativity to problem shoot before” ~Preston Waters

What if…? team building workshops aim to build effective teams within the workplace. The alternative creative world is set up to explore the infinite possibilities of working as a team. Intended outcomes include:

*Positive working relationships;

*Enhanced interpersonal and communication skills with colleagues and clients;

*Effective solutions discovered in order to address conflict in the workplace;

*Solving business problems in innovative and creative ways; *Increased innovation and creativity in the work itself;

*Increased confidence and ownership in the workplace;

*New ways of working more productively and efficiently in the workplace;

*Improved employee wellbeing.

Spice It Up workshops

“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity” ~General George S. Patton

Spice it up workshops assist corporates and businesses with adding flavour to internal training for their employees in order to enhance the effectiveness of the training. The workshops aim to encourage enthusiasm, excitement, ownership and a wholesome understanding of the content at hand.

Donate a workshop

…for anybody who has experienced and would like to donate a workshop to those who cannot afford it…

Contact Information

Facebook Page: The Creativity Revolution

Twitter: @CreativityRevo


-May is the founder of The Creativity Revolution


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