The romance is over – it’s party time

The romance of South African politics is over. A party can no longer grow on the popularity of past founder leaders. The South African electorate was tolerant with slow progress for the sake of loyalty to the sacrifices of stalwarts and heroes of history.

The political eye at the tip of Africa will still respect the past but focus increasingly on the future. As leaders with no struggle record step forward there popularity will be determined by their performance. There is only one way for a politician to perform on any tier of government and that is by delivering service to the constituents.

The solution will not be found in new dynamic leaders with the likes of Mamphela Aletta Ramphele to form a new party or similar grouping. The answer lies in the unification of parties, and that is very unlikely to happen. South African politics may be a monster but will not exist as a creature with eight or ten heads. What many politicians do not realize is that in order to be a successful leader you must know what it is to be an effective follower.

People want the real thing, leaders that are authentic by being themselves and not imitating other leaders like Julius Malema attempted to do. Endeavouring to attract other cultures by staging will not do the trick either. For Ms Zille to attempt a dance foreign to her own tradition, respectfully I say, makes her appear that she was holding back a huge wee.

A confederation of opposition parties would probably make an impact if leaders are not only faithful to themselves but willing to step back and sometimes play second fiddle in the power game. A page out of the book of COPE must be taken to learn how not to do it. If only one of the gentlemen Mosioua Lekotha or Mbhazima Shilowa showed true leadership COPE could well have been the official opposition today or at least so in 2014. I believe these two politicians did opposition politics in South Africa the biggest disservice ever.

Until the opposition parties strategizes power gain instead of striving for those few warm seats for a privileged few yuppies in government, the best party to be in to do something constructive is the ANC. This is irrespective of its warts that the ruling party has still to deal with will they will do so. It is always said in ANC circles that the party is big like the ocean and will always purify itself in its own time just like the ocean does.

Frank Horn, an ANC local councillor in Amanzimtoti, KZN