Today In Fact, 13 September

What does one do when your political masters are oppressive, pompous asses? You use their formal rules against them. That is what Michał Drzymała taught us. Born today in Poland in 1857, Michał was a Polish peasant who found himself under Prussian rule. Denied permission to build a house on his own land by the Prussian authorities in the village of Kaisertreu, Michał bought a circus wagon and made it his home.

At the time, Prussian law stipulated that any dwelling was a house if it remained stationary for more than 24 hours. Michał use the mobility of the wagon to exploit the law and to avoid the negative consequences by moving the wagon each day and thus preventing the Prussians the ability to penalize him.

Drzymała’s wagon teaches us that every law and rule and formal norm can be subverted by normal forms and situated logic.

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