Today In Fact, 15 August

One of the more curious dogmas of the Catholic Church is that Mary, Jesus’ mother was assumed, body and soul into heaven. Now this was only proclaimed a dogma of the Church in 1951 and it is one of the newest dogmas that the Church has proclaimed.

I have often asked how heaven can cope with the toilets? This doctrine is challenging for some and nonsensical to others. There are now at least three people in heaven with human bodies; Jesus, Mary and of course Elijah, the prophet.

There was, over the centuries, a lot theological debate about Mary. Little is known. Some argued that Mary was a co-redeemer with Jesus. Pope Pius XII was a devout Marian and a petition was circulated within the Church and over 8 million Catholics, laity and clergy asked that the Assumption become official Catholic dogma.

Pope Pius XII was also the first Pope to acknowledge that evolution may accurately describe the genesis of life. Perhaps we could weld the two doctrines together? Somehow Jesus, Mary and Elijah have “evolved” a way to convert their human bodies into heavenly substance…something like that…as you can see, I still find it difficult to get over the plumbing problem.

– Posted by Douglas Racionzer (