Today In Fact, 15 October 2013

The day of the Tojan Horse incident.

The police and the soldiers hid in wooden crates as the truck drove down Thornton Road. They knew the protesting youths would stone the truck. It was 1986 and the townships were in revolt against Apartheid.

Once the stones started to get thrown, the police and soldiers jumped up and shot into the protesting crowds killing Jonathan Claasen, 21, Shaun Magmoed, 15 and Michael Miranda, 11.

Although a magistrate found that the security forces had acted unreasonably, very little justice was achieved. The state washed its hands of the matter and the 13 security force personnel have never had to face punishment or restoration for their crimes.

So I guess it is ironic that today is Global Hand Washing Day where the United Nations encourages us to avoid spreading germs.

– Posted by Douglas Racionzer