Today In Fact, 20 September

Perhaps one of the most significant battles in recorded history was fought today off the coast of Salamis in Greece in 480 BC.

An alliance of Greek states defeated the much larger navy of the Persian King Xerxes who had been lured into the narrow straits and were unable to manoeuvre their ships.

The battle was decisive in that King Xerxes retreated to Asia. This allowed a period of expansion and relative peace in Greece that saw the flowering of Greek culture and philosophy.

Much of our modern life and civilization stems from the ancient Greeks who would not have been a people had they lost the battle of Salamis in 480 BC.

Today marks a victory for democracy over autocracy, for allied action over dictatorial hegemony, for rational thought over magical mysticism, for crafty ruse over might of arms. The Greek city states lived the former, King Xerxes and his minions died with the latter.

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