Today In Fact, 21 September

There are it would seem, four basic ways to think about truth.

The first and perhaps most popular view is that truth subsists in the properties of things in the world and that they correspond to what we can think about them.

The second view, trendy in certain effete intellectual circles, is that truth does not have any subsistence in reality “out There” but that somehow we fool ourselves that it does as this corresponds to our deluded ideas about ourselves.

The third mode of thinking about truth is that while there is no truth to be found in the things of the world, truth is really a coherent system or language game that we are able to construct. Truth is coherent.

The fourth and least popular view of truth is that it does exist “out there” in the world but it exists as a lived process that demands authenticity in our lives. Truth is about how we live our lives.

Nietzsche formulated the fourth approach to truth in the 19th century and Bernard Williams developed and promoted this view. I also promote this view of truth and so would like to wish Bernard Williams, who was born today in 1929 a very happy birthday.

What makes something true to you?

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