Today in fact, 25 February

When I was nine, I thought that perhaps I was Jesus returned. I tried to heal my cat by laying my hands on her. She died. I had better luck making clouds evaporate by looking and willing them to disappear. I soon realized however that I was not the Messiah so I decided instead to become Pope some day. To prepare for this lofty position, I vowed to go to Mass every day for one year. I think I am the only student in the history of the Christian Brothers to have received a certificate for “Tenacity”. Rudolf Steiner was another who at the age of nine started having spiritual experiences. He went on to found Anthroposophy, a spiritual movement that today is best known for its Waldorf Schools, interesting approaches to agriculture, dance, architecture and medicine. Sun Myung Moon converted from traditional Korean Buddhism to Christianity when he was just ten years old. Moon went on to found the Unification Church also known as “Moonies” and who own conservative newspapers in the USA and do mass weddings. Meher Baba was a Zoroastrian born in India but at the age of 19, this silent mystic had the first spiritual encounter which led to the creation of a movement seeking love and peace across the World. Then there is Nigel Branken, a man who has given up his well-paid job, moved out of his middle-class home and with his entire family, moved into the heart of Hillbrow to live in solidarity with the poor, the foreigner and the oppressed. All these people had profound spiritual awakenings in their early lives. The last four of which were also born on the 25th February.
– Douglas Racionzer (see a full collection of Doug’s Days on