Today In Fact, 28 September

Just under half of the population of the earth live without basic sanitation. That means lousy toilets or no toilets at all. Shit doesn’t just stink, it can spread disease.

The World Toilet organization is now recognized by the United Nations and Wold Toilet day has been marked on 2 November since 2001.

I love toilets. I think they are magnificent devices, great architectural elements and it was upon a toilet that I have had all my most profound spiritual experiences.

The ball cock in the flushing toilet is a marvel of Victorian engineering and I always enjoy the way in which the floating ball is designed to gradually reduce and eventually turn off the flow of water into the cistern.

Thomas Crapper, the inventor of the floating ball cock was born and baptized today in 1836 in Yorkshire. Our birthday boy, by inventing the ball cock, perfected the flushing loo which had first been invented by John Harrington some three centuries before.

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