Today In Fact, 29 August

John Glas was a Scottish pastor who founded a Christian sect around 1730. His son-in-law, Robert Sandeman spread the sect to England and the Americas. Known today as Sandemanianism, this small and much despised sect of Christians argued that “That the bare death of Jesus Christ without a thought or deed on the part of man, is sufficient to present the chief of sinners spotless before God”

Sandemanians adopted a primitive Christian worship, trying as best they could to live and love as the earliest Christians did. The role of thinking and mere assent in the sinner’s redemption also meant that Sandemanians believed God’s redemptive power filled the universe with love.

It was, in part this devout belief that led Michael Faraday to discover electro-magnetic induction on this day in 1831.

Faraday was from a poor London home, grew up to become a book-binder but found his way into the laboratories of the Royal Institution in London. His experiments in electro-magnetism allow us today to live in a modern world with motors and electrical gadgets of every kind.

So today when you have that smoothie or switch on the television, or go for a drive in your car, spare a thought for Michael Faraday, a man whose faith as part of a small and much despised sect of Christians allowed you to enjoy the benefits of modernity.

– Posted by Douglas Racionzer ( )