Today In Fact, 4 October

It’s strange how animals teach us things. I had a cat called Scruffy. The ugly runt of the litter, Scruffy taught me the wisdom of tenacity and gritty determination in the face of rejection and hardships. I’m sure you know animals who have taught you things.

Today in 1226, that greatest of all animal lovers, Francis of Assisi died. He probably died from the long term effects of malnutrition as he really did not eat well. He was in the habit of pouring sand on his food and tended to give away food if he could.

This great spiritual genius, the man who gave sermons to the birds and animals, asked for marzipan while he lay dying. History does not record if Francis ever got to eat some marzipan before he left us, but he left us a spirituality rooted in peace and wholeness.

The United Nations recognizes the vision of Francis in his love of nature and animals by declaring today the World Day of Animals.

Show care to animals and nature, make peace the object and method of your life and eat marzipan every now and again.

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