Today In Fact, 6 September

Not a good day for reactionary heads of state.

In 392, the Roman Empire was divided between East and West. Constantinople was the Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and Rome was the Capital of the West. A new Western emperor; Eugenius was proclaimed in Rome. His military general was Arbogast, a pagan soldier and this was to be the last attempt by the pagan Roman nobility to wrest the Christianizing momentum of the empire. The Emperor Theodosius in Constantinople collected an army and marched on Rome. The two armies met at the battle of Frigidus in present day Slovenia in 394. The two battle ended on this day with the utter defeat of the Western Emperor, Eugenius and his beheading. The two parts of the Empire would never be united again and Christendom was firmly established across both Empires.

Another seriously reactionary head of state, President McKinley was shot today in 1901 by an anarchist loner who was probably emotionally disturbed. Leon Czolgosz shot the President at a fair in Buffalo New York. McKinley, the last President to have fought in the American Civil war died some days later from his wounds. He is remembered perhaps as the champion of an Imperial United States and the creation of a system of punitive import duties for foreign goods into the USA to protect local industries.

Not to be outdone, the Dutch-born South African architect of Grand Apartheid; Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd was stabbed to death in Parliament in Cape Town today in 1966 by Dimitri Stafendas.

Sic semper Tyrannis.

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