Today In Fact, 8 August

Doctor Bob’s birthday in 1879 is a good day for alcoholics and addicts everywhere. His parents took him to church services four times a week when he was a child and consequently he resolved never to set foot in a church again.

While studying at university, Dr. Bob started drinking. Dr. Bob became a surgeon and married but his true marriage was to alcohol. For 17 years, his life really revolved around getting over his wife’s efforts to stop him drinking. In 1935 Dr. Bob met Bill W and the two resolved to stop drinking.

The two established the twelve step programme and alcoholics anonymous. In his life Doctor Bob helped over 5,000 alcoholics give up drinking using the twelve step programme.

A surgeon specializing in colon cancer, Doctor Bob died in 1950 of colon cancer at the age of 71.

Happy Birthday Doctor Bob.

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