What is The Creativity Revolution up to?

The Creativity Revolution, founded by Chelsey May, is evolving slowly… but surely.

Earlier this year, Chelsey May spent some time with Paul Pereira on his show Changing Destinytalking about her initiative. The initiative did not have a name back then but has slowly found its shape, AND its name: The Creativity Revolution. Click on the link below to listen.

 Creativity is the new revolution

Slowly, but surely…The Creativity Revolution is honoured to finally be conducting two Inside-Out Diversity workshops as part of The Drama For Life Sex Actually festival. The workshops take place next week and will be conducted with:

1. The Drama For Life Advanced Diploma students;

2. A group at the Umthombo Wolwazi Community Centre, Soweto.

Inside-Out Diversity workshops use applied drama to encourage individuals to embrace their own diversity before or while embracing others’ diversity, diversity that acknowledges and possibly goes beyond race and gender. Is this possible?

Keep a look out for more updates!!!


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