Thixo Onothando, 2022

Grateful for the wonder, and the honour,
of knowing and having you alongside on our journey,
and so in the spirit of the Xhosa prayer Thixo Onothando (God of Love),
sung here by students of the University of Pretoria,
WHAM Media wishes you and yours
a blessed and gentle start to the year.

This year will likely be rough, by every socio-economic indicator that really counts.
Specifically, there’s a combo of wretched things such as hasn’t been seen in 30 years.

•  These include our unemployment at the highest known to peacetime – one in two;
•  Two-thirds of urban households with teenagers not also having fathers – a collapse of the family;
•  The Economist saying we’re now the world’s second-most suicidal;
•  Research suggesting places threatened with starvation.

South Africa will rightly never allow starvation, whatever the cost, but the whole lot together, plus everything else, threatens a national nervous breakdown in a crucifixion of the soul.

We will need to answer the Call; to keep the faith in ourselves, in our country, in Our Lord; and to reach out in care.

Voorwaarts Mzansi!

Thixo ono’thando
(God of love)
Ndimi phambi kwakho
(Here I am before you)
Thixo ono’thando
(God of love)
Ndiph’ uthando ndifakaze ngawe
(Give me love to witness about You)

Thixo ndila namhla
(Lord, Here I am)

Hosanna! Hosanna phezulu
(Hosanna on High)
Hosanna! Hosanna enyangweni
(Hosanna in the Highest)
Thixo ono’thando
(God of Love)
Ndiph’ uthando ndifakaze ngawe
(Give me love to witness about you)

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