Today In Fact, 12 October

I know it’s Columbus day and all that and I know that Spain marks it’s national day today as well and that many indigenous peoples in the Americas mark today as the beginnings of their troubles but I really want to tell you about the Audi 100 I used to start my business delivering goods into townships. Back in 1997 I was given one of my father-in-law’s cars, a yellow Audi 100 to use to sell things in the townships. Two Dutch exchange students came to stay with us and drove the car all around the townships selling products. They also used the car for nights of passion it seems as I often would find condom packs lying about in the vehicle.

My son remembers with horror the day we were barrelling along the freeway and the gear stick came out in my hand. I promptly stuck it straight back in an we drove home.

Anyway today is August Horch was born in 1868 and he started a company building cars in 1899, the first Horch Automobile was built in 1901. August left the company in 1909 and started a new company but was unable to use his own name so he used the Latinized version of his name; Audi.

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