Today In Fact, 12 September

They killed him by torturing him and beating him and then by neglecting to treat him effectively. This man had seen that being black in South Africa means believing the mental poison that you are second-rate and inferior. Steve Biko devised a means of rewiring that self-hatred by initiating the Black Consciousness Movement.

In many ways Steve was a good Catholic boy, he had a wife and at least two other lovers from whom he fathered children. His personal life though is of less interest than his political thinking. His insistence that black people need to organize themsleves as a means of changing their self-worth before liberating the physical and institutional forms of governance speaks directly to our experience today. Steven Biko died of his wounds today in 1977.

The psychological healing that Steve fashioned into a political ideology was being researched at the time of his death by a research psychologist, Mark Rosenzweig whose birthday in 1922 we may celebrate today.

Rosenzweig formulated the idea that our brains as adults change based on our experiences. The neuroplasticity of our brains contradicted the prevailing scientific view that the structure of our brains was fixed by the time we become adults and that later learning and experience do not affect the structure of the brain.

In many ways what Steven Biko used to develop Black Consciousness into a political movement, Mark Rosenzweig discovered through scientific experimentation and analysis.

How are your life experiences changing the way you think?

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