Today In Fact, 13 October

Nicolas Malebranche died today in 1715. This physically disabled priest developed a philosophy that God is the cause of our perception of the world, we only see the world through God and it is only through God that we act in it. Thus it is not we who act but God acts through us. Malebranch also made some important observations about light and colour in which he argued that they are formed from different frequencies in the vibrations of air.

It seem appropriate then that just over 200 years after his death in 1917, the last of the miracles of Fatima, known as the miracle of the sun was witnessed by some 70,000 people in which the sun was seen to dance and shimmer across the sky.

For me the greatest miracle of Fatima is how Mary could keep that enormous crown on her head while dispensing secrets about the need to pray for the defeat of the Soviet Union.

Our Birthday girl though would probably have had none of it, neither Malebranche nor the appearances of Mary at Fatima. Margaret Thatcher was born today in 1925 and went on to divide the United Kingdom with her version of free market capitalism. This unlovely Lady hurt the poor and the vulnerable with policies that eventually saw her being deposed as Prime Minister by her own party faithful.
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