Today In Fact, 27 September

Funny how some things just stick in your head? My history teacher in Standard 6 was Brother Farrell, a severe disciplinarian who took to his task of beatings with a grim logic. Every week during his history lesson, he would have the “hit parade” that’s where those of us unfortunate enough not to recall some useless fact were administered the barber’s strap which Brother Farrell carried inside his sleeve at all times.

This is how I can recall that today in 1825, George Stephenson ran the first passenger train from Stockton to Darlington in the North East of England. It was about 40 kilometres long and ran from one coal mine to another.

Within two decades rail travel had completely transformed our ability to communicate across long distances. This allowed larger countries to be administered and wars to be conducted on a far more efficient basis.

George Stevenson’s numerous wives all died before him and he was buried in Holy Trinity Church Chesterfield.

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